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The softball team set a Lakota school district record for the deepest penetration into the state tournament (2nd) and in their wake left a host of individual softball records.

Junior Casey Bramble entered her name into the record book by stealing 28 bases this season eclipsing the previous high of 23 set by Allie Cummins last year.

Senior Lauren Betz drove in a GMC leading 52 runs which also shattered another Cummins record from 2017. Betz will also share a season record with Cummins; 30 bases on balls.

Another senior double record setter is pitcher Stephanie Maldonado. Stephanie finished the year with a 21-3 won-lost record and raised the season win percentage record to 87.5%. She also qualified for the career record with a win percentage mark of 88.5. These two records had stood for 14 years and 12 years respectively and had been held by Lakota Hall of Famers Keir McEachern and Lindsay Bodecker.

Last but not least comes senior Allison Cummins who it would be fair to say has rewritten the softball record book. Allie set 7 single-season offensive records and ll out of 14 career records. In some cases, the records she tied or failed to exceed were her own from previous seasons. To name but a few of the new career records established were 26 home runs, 158 runs batted in, and 148 runs scored. All three of these records, in addition to being Lakota West records, will also stand as Lakota School District* records.

*note: (Old Lakota, Lakota East, and Lakota West)

All four of the players named above will also add their names to the Lakota West career top ten lists. The record tables and top 10 lists are in the softball archives section of . Updates of these sections have been started and are expected to be completed in the next few days.