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Lakota West Alum Marissa Steen spends time with Future Firebirds guiding them through the process of what it takes to elevate their game to the next level.

Steen enjoys spending time with today’s youth sharing with them knowledge helping them reach their full potential. We are very fortunate to have access to great alums like Marissa. She loves giving back to Firebird Nation and we really appreciate her dedication.

Thank You again for everything you do for the kids Marissa! #WestPride

Phil Chumley at Plains Jr. school set up this experience for the golf team and shares with us what Marissa means to the Lakota West family.

Marissa Steen is a former student of mine here at Plains Jr. and also Lakota West.  Marissa was a very fine trumpet player in high school earning a spot in Symphonic Winds at Lakota West, playing in jazz band and marching band as well as Symphonic Winds.  She was also an avid golfer here at Plains and Lakota West.  In fact, she went on to play on the State Championship Golf Team at Lakota West several years ago and earned a golf scholarship to the University of Memphis where she excelled in golf.  She was named to the Lakota West Athletic Hall of Fame some time ago.  Well, roll the clock forward, Marissa has continued to pursue her dream of becoming a professional golfer and I’m happy and proud to say that she plays on the LPGA Tour (I was fortunate to see her play in the LPGA US Open last year at Bedminster, NJ).  This past year, she has been recovering from an ankle/foot injury, but, she plans on playing on tour in the coming year.

I thought it would be really cool if Marissa could come and talk with the members of the golf team.  I know it will be a cool thing for them to meet and talk to someone who worked hard, pursued her dream and is now “living the dream”, playing on the LPGA Tour.

Phil Chumley