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Senior Jenna Harris (’19), daughter of Wayne and Rhonda Harris, has verbally committed to play Softball and continue her education at Lourdes University University next school year.

1. What led you to your decision to attend your chosen college?
I visited there twice and the first time I absolutely fell in love with the school and the coaches,
and I knew I wanted to try to go there and play softball for them. The second visit was
just even more of a confirmation

2. What other schools did you consider?
I also considered Cincinnati Christian University. They also had a very good coach who was
nothing but nice to me and they also offered me an opportunity to play there. I turned
them down because of better education opportunities at Lourdes.

3. Do you know what you want to study?
Right now I am interested in Art Therapy

4. When did this school come into the picture?
This school came into the picture in July when the assistant coach, coach Buckmaster got in
touch with me to come to one of my tournaments and recruit and scout me.

5. Have you visited the school? If so, when? How did it go?
I have visited, I visited in August on a private visit with just the coaches, and then again at the
beginning of September to attend a camp they had for recruits.

6. Did anyone help you through the recruiting process? What kind of help did they
My parents helped me tremendously and really pushed me to do what I needed to do to get
recruited. They were always on me to keep in touch with everyone and they used every resource
they had to get my name out. They were supportive through all of it and I definitely have them
and my coaches to thank as my number one helpers through this recruiting process.

Coach Keith Castner says: Jenna is an extremely hard worker. She will always put the team first. The softball staff is very excited to see her have a successful senior year.
Congrats Jenna! #WestPride