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Senior Alina Miller (’19), daughter of Paul and Shauna Miller, has verbally committed to the Gymnastics program and plans to continue her education at Arizona State University next school year.

1. What led you to your decision to attend your chosen college?
What led me to my decision, was the atmosphere of the ASU gymnastics team. The team at the university brings high energy and a welcoming vibe. The school itself takes great care of the athletes and provides the athletes with a lot of great opportunities in regards to what the athlete will major in.

2. What other schools did you consider?
I was in contact with the University of Minnesota for about two years throughout the recruitment process, the coaching staff and gymnast there are amazing, but ultimately I had a better opportunity at Arizona State.

3. Do you know what you want to study?
I will be studying Kinesiology at Arizona State because, it’s a great field to be in and a lot of the gymnast at ASU study this major, and they love it!

4. When did this school come into the picture?
This school came into the picture about three weeks ago. I was ultimately going to decide Minnesota but, when coach Stephen Buckner reached out to me through email and text my coaches told me to keep an open mind and to consider all options.

5. Have you visited the school? If so, when? How did it go?
Yes, I have visited the school. I took my official visit at Arizona State October 18th-20th. The visit was great! I would recommend anyone who is an athlete or non-athlete to check the school out. It is a beautiful campus, and Arizona’s weather this time of year is great.

6. Did anyone help you through the recruiting process? What kind of help did they provide?
I had a lot of help from my gym family at Perfection Gymnastics. My coaches Maci Sump, and Enrique Trabanino have been with me throughout this whole process. My other coach Luke Wasson got me started on colleges before he took a coaching position at The Ohio State University. Without My coach Maci Sump, I don’t know where my teammates and I would be today. My coach Enrique Trabanino has brought in over 20 colleges in the past two years to watch my teammates and I train.

7. What are your strengths?
I am a very determined young woman, I can take constructive criticism well, I can to adapt to a new environment easily, and I am very independent.

8. What do you think you need to improve before starting college?
One thing I need to improve before going to college is my study habits. Arizona requires their gymnast to have 6 plus hours of study tables in the athletic stadium.

9. Please list any special awards, accomplishments or distinctions you may have earned:
I have been a state champion either on bars, vault, or floor multiple times for the past 5 years. I also have qualified to regionals and competed in Vault and Bars

Congrats Alina! #WestPride