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Senior Madison Snowden (’19), daughter of Chris and Jen Snowden, has verbally committed to play Soccer and continue her education at Valparaiso University next school year.

1. What led you to your decision to attend your chosen college?
Valparaiso was a perfect fit both academically and athletically. Academics were of utmost importance and Valparaiso offers a wide variety of majors. Coach Marovich and the team made me feel welcomed and at home from the beginning.

2. What other schools did you consider?
I considered many other schools but ultimately felt Valparaiso fit my academic and athletic needs best.

3. Do you know what you want to study?
My current goal is to pursue a degree in Pre- Med, but Valparaiso offers a wide variety of academic opportunities if I should choose to change.

4. When did this school come into the picture?
Valparaiso University came into the picture the spring of my freshman year. I was in contact with the coaching staff after spring showcases.

5. Have you visited the school? If so, when? How did it go?
I have visited Valparaiso multiple times. I went on an unofficial visit to view the campus, talk with Coach Marovich, and meet the team. I also participated in multiple ID camps which allowed me the opportunity to work with the coaches while allowing them to assess me in a practice environment. Through these visits, I had the opportunity to see the campus and my time with Coach Marovich and the team allowed me to understand what being part of the Valparaiso family could be like. I am excited to be a Crusader.

6. Did anyone help you through the recruiting process? What kind of help did they provide?
I had a great support system through the process. My club coaches helped me navigate through the recruiting process. My parents played a big part in the process helping me visit schools, research educational opportunities, and always supporting me.

7. What are your strengths?
I believe my work ethic and ability to set goals has helped me get to where I am today. I am a very determined individual that is willing to work hard to achieve my goals.

8. What do you think you need to improve before starting college?
As I look toward college, I believe I need to continue to work on my time management and leadership skills. Athletically, I will continue to focus on my foot skills, conditioning and continuing to build my overall knowledge of the game.

Congrats Madison! #WestPride