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Hall of Fame and Ticket Info

The Lakota Athletic Department announced it’s Athletic Hall of Fame class for 2020.  In a unified tradition of recognizing outstanding performers from Lakota East, Lakota West, and the original Lakota High School, this ceremony reinforces Lakota’s athletic tradition and heritage. This year’s induction ceremony and banquet are set for Thursday, March 5th at the Wetherington Country Club beginning at 5:15 PM. It is a reserved seat only event with tickets available at Lakota District Athletic Office at 513-644-1204 through February 27th.  Tickets are $25 each.

In the 22 years of the Lakota Hall of Fame’s existence, 216 contributors to the Lakota athletic tradition have been honored.  Over the years, these contributors have spanned the entire 63 years of Lakota’s history as a school district.

The 2020 Lakota Hall of Fame Class consists of:

Mark Apple (deceased)              Baseball                         Lakota Class of 1975

Brandon Candella                       CC/Basketball/Track    West Class of 2009

Michael Hart                                Swimming                      West Class of 2009

Emily Lafferty                             Softball/Basketball       East Class of 2009

Wyatt Lippert                              Tennis                            West Class of 2009

Byron Neal                                  Soccer                            East Class of 2005

Alexis Rogers                              Basketball                      West Class of 2009

Nathan Smith                              Baseball                         West Class of 2009

David Tepe                                  Golf                                East Class of 2009