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Summary by Bob Ashby:
Here’s where it stood, after three full games West had won at West by 5 points, Princeton had won at Princeton by 5 points and after regulation at Hamilton they were tied having played a cumulative 96 minutes with each scoring 225 points However at the end of 100 minutes West finally settled the issue by 10 points and will now move on to the district finals. This will be the Firebirds first time to play in the district finals since 2006 which was before any of the current players were in school. Following several lead changes the score was tied after a regulation 32 minutes at 67 points each. Carter Combs, the only player on either team to be on the court for the full 36 minutes, gutted it out producing game high’s of 27 points and 5 assists.

Sunday March 8th
at Cintas Center 6 pm